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African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival

Just a little reminder that this great series of events is happening right now in London… It finishes on 25th September…

We really wish we could be there but our diaries are so full!

Following it’s debut in 2010, the African and African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival returns for another specular programme of events in 2011.

The AACDD celebrates creativity and innovation by members of the African & African-Caribbean Diasporas living and working in the UK, artists and artisans from Africa and the Caribbean, as well as work from British and international AACDD partner organisations.

It coincides with the London Design Festival in September with the main focus of the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival 2011 being a series of individually curated exhibitions, installations and events at the Bargehouse Building opposite the Oxo Tower on the Southbank as well as other locations.

For further information, please visit their website:

Posted by: Editor-in-Chief Steph Hernandez


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